Heritage & Conservation

Given the challenge presented, we relish the opportunity to work on heritage and conservation sites.
Whether the project is to refurbish a single room, or the complete renovation of an estate, such sites always provide a challenge when balancing between the retention of historic interest, and the effectiveness of the M&E services.

Darley Abbey Mills

We are currently working on a refurbishment project in Derbyshire. The building is being converted into a wedding venue and offices. Special considerations have had to be considered to ensure that the historic pedigree of the building is maintained, while also ensuring that the building is flexible for the diverse future use of the building.

Middleport Pottery

We have recently handed over a refurbishment project to a previously derelict building in the heart of the Middleport pottery industry. The building has been redeveloped into a multiple use workshop area consisting of specialist extract ventilation and kilns to allow for the pottery manufacture. The building also consists of classical luminaire design to maintain the rustic character of the building.

Spode Works

Spode is a pioneering pottery manufacturer founded in Stoke-on-Trent. Unfortunately, pottery is no longer manufactured on the site, however the site is currently being cleared in preparation for the redevelopment for a range of uses. Such uses include artist studios, student accommodation, retail, business incubator units, amongst other uses.

If you would like to discuss your Heritage & or Conservation project with us, please get in touch.