Hopkins Coats have extensive experience in the provision of power distribution system. Our divers experience range from single system distribution network to the design or an electrical ring around whole towns.
Most build up environments are completely dependent on electricity. We have the knowledge and the tools available to design distribution networks to ensure that all of your electrical requirements are catered for.

Utilities Infrastructure

Developing new land will call for the requirement of new services to be bought onto the site. We have the facility, and experience, to calculate the indicative utility requirements and are able to apply and negotiate for new services on the developers behalf.

Design infrastructure for new developments which include office, retail, housing, etc.


Occasionally, existing utilities may be laid in a position which can prevent land from being developed. Such services need to be diverted off the developable land. Again, we have the experience to develop utility diversion application packs which are sent to utility providers. We can then continue correspondence with utility providers to ensure that a suitable, yet economical, diversion strategy is agreed.

In house design

All of our electrical distribution designs are generated in house using specialist computer software which we have invested in. As enjoyable as hand calculations are, when power systems start to comprise in excess of 20 boards and 500 circuits we let the computer crunch the numbers instead.

If you would like more information about our Power services, please get in touch.