Domestic Water

We are often asked “what are building services?” Our typical response is that building services includes everything which turns a shed into a habitable building with warmth and light; and of course running water.

Domestic water services, and the careful design thereof, is critical to the usefulness of a building irrespective of the sector.

Replacement Water Services

We have recently completed a project at the local District General Hospital which included the replacement of the antiquated domestic hot and cold water plant. Because of the historical value of the building, the existing pipework serving the various floors had to be retained. This required careful consideration of how to retrofit a secondary hot water return system.


We appreciate that there is more to domestic water design than sketching pipes on a drawing. We regularly provide a domestic water temperature logging service to ensure that the flow temperatures at the outlets are sufficiently cool for the cold water and sufficiently warm for the hot water. This is to ensure that existing water services installations comply with the current Legionella guidance.

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