At Hopkins Coats Associates we consider ourselves to be genuine problem-solver engineers and we are always delighted to have the opportunity to survey existing buildings which puts our knowledge and understanding to the test.
Like any other product on the market, building services fail. Boilers, circuit breakers and luminaires all have their ‘best before’ date stamped on them and at some point they will require replacement. As some building services can work flawlessly for 30 years, and since the industry is continually improving, it is important to know how services were used historically so that when replacement is due we know what to do. Just as well we have engineers who have 30+ years industry experience.

Power Supply Survey

HCA were responsible for surveying the entire electrical distribution systems around the District General Hospital site. This ranges from understanding the site’s HV infrastructure, through to how LV busbars run the length and breadth of entire buildings. All information was then transferred to AutoCAD drawings.

HV Equipment Survey

We have worked with a developer in Shropshire to survey the existing HV equipment and to design a new HV system on the site.

Housing association asset surveys

We have recently carried out asset condition surveys on 9 buildings (including offices, workshops, retail outlets, call centres etc.) for a local housing association. The surveys required us to review all M&E services. The reports commented on each services’ condition and a recommended course of action. The report also summarised the potential cost plan for the replacement of services where required, and the indicative future costs taking account of future failure of plant.

If you would like more information about the Surveys that we carry out, please get in touch.