Air Conditioning

We have extensive experience in the design of air conditioning systems ranging from small single-split systems for ICT room cooling through to specialist installations which utilise a combination of heating, cooling and humidity control

Whatever the requirements of the proposed or existing system, we have the expertise to advise our clients on how to take the best advantage of these technologies by achieving the best possible balance of indoor comfort and energy efficiency.



Whilst we still enjoy designing air conditioning systems from first principles by hand, we tend to use the latest computer software from DesignBuilder which allows us to undertake dynamic models of a building’s heating/cooling load to ensure that we do not ‘overdesign’

Controlled Environments

A vast majority of projects which we deliver now utilise some form of air conditioning, whether in the traditional sense which includes heating, cooling and humidity control or even the simplest single-split system for a small data cupboard.

Going Forwards

With the constant improvements being made in heat pump technology (and of course with the fading out of certain refrigerants), replacing existing air conditioning systems is becoming increasingly important – both to meet legislation and to realise the economic benefits. We are experienced in providing such advice and service.

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