Demolition & Site Clearance

There is often a strong economic case for demolishing or clearing existing sites to make way for a new development. As a part of the team, Hopkins Coats Associates provides valuable information and method on how to handle existing building services.

One of the major difficulties we face when working on such projects is identifying the existing building services; how to decommission them effectively, how to divert them or how to preserve them in order to maintain service to a part of the site to remain in operation

District General Hospitals

For example, we undertook a complete survey of a district general hospital which included surveying all gas services, the entire electrical distribution systems, the infrastructure and all other key plants across the site. A full report was presented to allow for a program of demolition to be created.

Site Clearance

We are working with a developer to clear a site once used for pharmaceutical production and research. The site will now be sold on for housing. We are working with a number of statutory providers to clear the site of redundant utilities. These included the now redundant 33kV electric supply which once served the site.

Former Factories

We are currently working with a developer to clear a site once used to produce specialist motor vehicles. The site comprises a private HV infrastructure, private water mains and fire mains. As a part of these works, we were required to design a new LV distribution system to maintain supplies to a number of offices scattered across the site

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