Fire & Security

Fire alarms, sprinklers, security, intruder, access control, personal attack and CCTV systems all contribute to protecting people and property.

Hopkins Coats Associates can assist you in ensuring that your people and property are adequately protected by helping you to select the appropriate level of investment in those technologies listed above.

Fire Alarm Systems

Means of protecting a building (and its occupants) is so important that there is an entire Buildings Regulations document pertaining wholly to fire safety. We have the experience to design such systems for all building types. We have access to the latest associated British Standards and Building Regulations, to ensure that all projects that we work on are compliant with the regulations.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarms are an effective way to deter and prevent unauthorised access into a building. We can specify intruder alarms to specific site requirements, even if the system needs to be linked to another system or external monitoring system.

Access Control

Given security conscious environment that we now live in, access control systems are becoming popular in almost all projects that we are involved in. Such systems may be designed to limit occupants access to unauthorised areas of a building or may even be installed to only access people into the building are they have been approved by the building manager.

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